April 17, 2014

Three Things Thursday ~ Distractions AKA Life

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Three Things Thursday!


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Since I already have a blog (and three blogs preceding this one) what haven't I already shared? In the last month, quite a lot! I have been off the radar for a while because (as it sometimes does) life took a lot of time and I almost entirely ignored my blog aside from picking a new header and colors. So this week I'm going to share three other things that have been distractions priorities in my life this last month!

Once Upon a Time There Was a Princess Who...

1.) Decided to reorganize her home office.

Functional, kinds busy/crowded looking
I mainly used the room to store my laptop and supplies when they weren't in use. The room has a single north facing window, and we never really decorated it or picked out furniture since we moved in three years ago. Since the office is off of our master bedroom, it's something I saw and promptly ignored pretty much ever day.

I do love the pictures.
Chris occasionally does some desk work in there, but for the most part other than the pictures I put up in there last year (which I love), it's functional but not loved.

2.) Assembled every bit of IKEA furniture in this room by herself with unskilled labor as assistants.

My princess knows her way around a hex wrench.
Building the furniture by myself probably would have been faster.

You can almost see the "don't hit my finger" thought bubble.
Honestly though, Chris and Kylee loved helping out with real tools on real work. IKEA directions are entirely pictorial, so that was fun to show them.

3.) Repainted her house by hand rather than paying someone else to do it.
Honestly? I'd MUCH rather spend that money on a cabana than on someone else painting my home when I am capable of painting.
LOVE this color. I brought in a photo storage box I loved the color of and they custom mixed it for me.
That being said, we're still picking paint out of Christopher's hair. The room seems much brighter and more alive during the day rather than sadly gray the way the white walls looked under the northern lighting.

I just realized that I repainted the room so that it goes with my new blog colors. They make me happy, what can I say?

Once I get the walls all decorated I'll get together a proper before and after post!


  1. Great job! I wish I had a room in my home JUST for an office! Instead, we converted our original living room into a dining room, school room, music room, and home office! LOL (And moved our living room into the original dining room.) We homeschoolers know how to adapt! LOL

    1. Our house is oddly shaped. Three bed, two bath, but the master is a suite with an office off one side, a huge bath with double walkin closets, etc. we love it!

  2. I love the décor in your office! So fun! And I love the new paint color you chose! It's beautiful! I'm like you, I'd rather paint it myself. It's fun and saves quite a bit of money.

  3. I do believe your new paint color is very similar to the one in my bedroom! I've had it for 6 years and still like it - most days :) Love the unskilled labor, btw :)

  4. Great photos hanging in your office. Looks like you've been very busy!

  5. I can't wait to see pictures of the finished product! And I love your photos!

  6. Looks great, we always try to do as much of the work as we can on our own as well. Can't wait to see the final result!

  7. You really have been busy! Your office looks great. :)

  8. It looks great, I'm definitely a DIY girl too - looks like you had some hard workers helping you out too.

  9. Your photos are fantastic! Simply perfect for walls without windows! Your kids are adorable :)


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